Gabe | May 4, 2022

SoundApp v1.1.4: What’s New

SoundApp v1.1.4 is here! This update is completely free. Just restart SoundApp, and you’ll be prompted to run the update. There are some big improvements in v1.1.4, but they’re not entirely obvious in the UI. So let’s talk about the two main new features: 1. New, more powerful wind removal.  You’ll find that the “Remove wind noise” […]

Sara | December 3, 2021

How Bosco Stays Creative By Falling On His Face

Bosco has made a name for himself as a video editor and film wizard. Today, we get to know how Bosco started his film journey – from his humble beginnings to a behind-the-scenes look at some of his stunning videos – all the way to his current success. Tell us a little bit about who […]

Gabe | December 3, 2021

SoundApp v1.1.2 is a Major Update

SoundApp v1.1.2 is officially available, and it’s worth the update. All of the audio tools now contain our Generation 2 AI. You’ll notice dramatic improvements in noise removal and vocal quality. Specifically: Wind noise removal now handles a wider range of wind types, and preserves vocal quality in even fairly extreme situations. Removal of pops […]

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