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Magically improve your audio. AI noise removal for anyone who makes videos or podcasts.

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Benefits of having SoundApp

Remove the noise

Echo, fan noise, mic bumps, electrical hum. Even wind noise. SoundApp removes problem noise in seconds.

Fix your levels

Are some parts of your audio too quiet, while others are too loud? SoundApp sets all your levels intelligently and automatically.

Powerful AI

SoundApp is based on new AI that removes noise and leaves voices sounding clear and natural. We think you'll be amazed.

For making videos, podcasts

Good audio is the key to connecting. Whether you make vlogs, ads, course materials, or podcasts, SoundApp will make you sound good.

Simple app for Mac and Windows

SoundApp is simple to use and lets you get started in seconds. Whether you are a beginner or an audio professional, SoundApp is easy.

Private and secure

All audio is processed on your device, not in the cloud. No audio data ever leaves your Mac or PC.

Remove the noise, amaze your audience

Advanced audio AI removes only noise, leaving your voice sounding natural. There’s nothing else like it.

Remove Wind

Remove Noise

Remove pops and plosives

Level Audio

Remove Rustle

Remove Echo

Remove Wind

Super simple and easy to use

No audio expertise required.

Drag & drop.
You’re done.

Powerful AI

SoundApp is based on brand-new AI that’s tailor-made for video and podcast creators.

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Remove echo

Remove room noise

Remove wind noise

Remove mic rustle

Remove pops and plosives

Automatically set levels

Sound better. Connect better.

Impress your audience.


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