SoundApp is here. Here’s what it does and how to try it out

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October 1, 2021

Today we’re extremely excited to introduce SoundApp.  SoundApp is a simple desktop app for making your videos and podcasts sound great.  If you want to skip the rest of this blog post, and just try it, you can download SoundApp now.  It takes about two minutes to download and install, and you don’t need to create an account.

But if you’re curious about why we developed SoundApp and why we think it will change the way you make videos and podcasts – read on.

We made SoundApp to help with a simple problem:  It’s hard to get good audio.  Maybe you have good lighting, and you’ve leveled up your gear with a nice new microphone.  But you’re still recording in a room with annoying echo, and your air conditioner or refrigerator is way louder than you remembered.  What to do?

Another example:  Your client has asked you to edit an interview.  Somehow, they thought it would be a good idea to record the interview outside, on a windy day.  The client asks if you can “take care of” the wind noise.  How is that going to work? Should you try to spend hours keyframing the interview, and hope that the result is usable?

One more: Your school has made a complete set of video course materials. It’s great content, but you noticed that some of the teachers move farther away from the microphone sometimes, and it gets pretty hard to hear them. Is there a way to just fix that somehow?

We made SoundApp so that anyone can quickly fix these problems and get great audio.  Click a button, slide a slider, and your echo, air conditioner noise, and wind noise are gone.  Click another button, and all of your levels are fixed – now nothing is too loud or too quiet.

SoundApp is incredibly simple to use.  But the AI behind SoundApp is so powerful that even seasoned sound engineers (you know who you are) will turn to it for help with their thorniest audio restoration challenges.

Good audio is the key to standing out, looking good, and connecting with your audience. As video and audio editors ourselves, this is the tool we always wanted. And now – after a long and winding development road – it’s here.

And yes, we expect you all will have lots of opinions about how it should work, and what it’s missing.  If you have ideas you’d like to share, you can contact us here.  It looks like an anonymous web form, but every single message is read by one of us here in Minneapolis.  We look forward to hearing from you (if you’re nice).

We hope you enjoy SoundApp!

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